About us

Boutique Garden® was launched with the idea of ​​making indoor gardening easy, fun, and accessible to everyone.

We offer a complete range of reliable gardening kits specially designed to grow your own herbs, fruits or vegetables & flowers at home.

What’s better than growing your own at home and being able to savour your harvests all year round! All our grow kits are supplied with top quality 100% natural seeds, growing medium, nice reusable containers, and easy instructions to follow. Just add water and start growing! This is the fun & easy kit for learning the basics of urban gardening.

In the last few years, we have seen increasing consumers’ enjoyment of nature and demand of safe foods. With our grow kits, there is no pondering on what’s on their plates!

Boutique Garden® recently expanded from “growing your own” gardening kits to “do-it-yourself” food kits. We now carry two different ranges – Gardening and Food.
Both of our “Do it Yourself” kits are wonderful gift ideas for those who wish to bring fun, creativity, and original experiences to their loved ones.

With the launch of our new DIY food range, Boutique Garden® brings more to safe foods with our Fresh Cheese kit, homemade Choco-nuts spread, and Fruit Jellies. This new range «HOMEMADE BY YOU» fits seamlessly with our brand’s DNA offering fun while cooking.

And psst – we use natural and organic ingredients!