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DIY food kit

Boutique Garden® kits are designed to make your
home-cooking experience fun and exciting.
It’s the perfect introduction to DIY food.

Our range

We offer easy food making kits:

MAKE YOUR OWN Fruit jellies kit

MAKE YOUR OWN Fresh cheese kit

MAKE YOUR OWN Choco-nuts spread kit

All included

+ Accessories
+ Ingredients*
+ Instructions
+ Recipes

The finest ingredients

Our new cooking range « HOMEMADE BY YOU » is assembled with the best Natural & Organic ingredients.

Make a great gift

Our kits make the perfect gift for:

Foodie lover; people who like to try new things; adventurers on new-experience sharing with
friends & family; those who care about ingredients’ origins.
The kits come packaged in a beautiful box.
They are wonderful gift ideas for kids and adults alike.

Make your own

There’s nothing more satisfying than making your own!
Designed to be used in any kitchen. No special cooking experience needed.

Get creative

 *For some kits, you will have to add few ingredients from your kitchen.